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What is email validation?

Email validation is a test to verify whether an email address is deliverable. Email validation keeps your email list current and stops your emails from bouncing. Bounced emails have a negative impact on your email sender reputation so email validation keeps your emails out of the spam folder and prevents your account from getting blacklisted and ultimately banned.

Use these free 5000 email validation credits to quickly and easily validate your next email list before sending. Weed out the undeliverable and invalid email types and increase your emails getting inboxed leading to a better campaign performance.
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Is sending cold emails legal?
Yes! Reaching out to targeted contacts that you've never communicated with before, or those that you don't personally know, is legal as long as your emails are Can-Spam compliant. The Can Spam Act, of 2003, established the United States’ first national standards for the sending of commercial emails and is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. I'll discuss this in more detail in my eBook. 
My name is Robert Ward.  I started my marketing career in the days of mailshots and over the years have tried every kind of marketing known to mankind.  Like other successful marketers, I keep returning to email marketing.  This type of marketing consistently offers the best return on investment but only if you do it right.  To learn from my experience and avoid my mistakes get your copy of my eBook, Send Cold Emails at Scale - Hints, Tips and Best Practices.
Send Cold Emails at Scale - Hints, Tips and Best Practices will give you all the information you need to run successful cold email marketing campaigns and get more leads and more sales for your business.
Learn all the steps you need to follow to get your emails inboxed . Get access to other free resources and find out everything you need to do to get more sales through cold email outreach.
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